Marcus Blacker 1

Sensational Breathing with Marcus Blacker

Date: 1/23/2023

Our breathing is vital not just to our life, but to our experience of life. To breathe fully and freely allows us to feel fully and freely, which in turn empowers us to live fully and freely.

The powerful intention of this 2.5 hour experiential session is to learn how to undo negative conditioning, let go of limiting beliefs and heal all types of trauma by using breathing and feeling to integrate emotional concepts and mental models at the level of sensations in the body.

In this deep dive together, Marcus will create a safe and contained space to gently explore subtle changes in bodily sensations and their inherent impermanence, using a combination of conscious connected breathing and felt-sense. The experience will be set to specially-selected music and guided and facilitated by Marcus throughout.

This environment relaxes the body and dials down the overthinking part of your brain, enabling you connect to your innate intelligence and wellbeing, to integrate emotional experience, and to increase your capacity for energetic awareness and sensual pleasure. The result? A return to our natural state of wholeness!

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