Pranayama: The Power of Breath with Seba Khanna

Date: 3/17/2023
In most ancient traditions, the breath is considered a reflection of the mind. Your breath is your life’s closest companion and a mirror of your experience of life. Understanding and mastering your breath will therefore allow you take charge of how you think and feel internally and to steer life in the most helpful directions.
In this workshop, we will first learn the fundamentals of breath and how to optimize your breathing. Then we will practice different yogic breathing techniques that will help us cleanse, steady the mind and body and balance the different energies that reside within us so that we can cultivate a deep feeling of clarity, ease and vitality.
We dive into learning how to deepen and clear the breath, how to get the body in ideal condition for the different breathing methods and a range of pranayama techniques to measure and master the energy within.With this knowledge, one can learn to relax the mind and body, ease the nervous system and expand and sharpen one’s energy.

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