Positive Parenting

Parenting Your Teen: A Positive Discipline Parenting Workshop

Date: 3/11/2023

Positive Parenting with Nouran El Nazer 

Teen-Years are often a time of stress and turmoil, not only for kids but also parents. It is the time when kids start exploring a new sense of freedom and power, often leading to feelings of resentment and powerlessness for parents.

Positive discipline (PD) is a parenting discipline model that focuses on the positive points of behavior. It is based on the idea that there are no bad children, just good and bad behaviors. Practitioners of PD believe that good behavior can be taught without hurting the child verbally or physically. PD supports helping the child learn how to handle situations more appropriately while remaining kind to self and others.

At the core of the PD approach is the understanding that teens still need their parents, just in different ways—and by better understanding who their teens really are, parents can learn to encourage both their teens and themselves, and instill good judgment without being judgmental.

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