Aromatherapy Course

Level 1 Aromatherapy Course: From Plant to Oil

Date: 11/4/2023 - 12/2/2023
Come and learn, discover, smell, and experience aromatherapy. This course is a journey from the plant to the essential oils and their therapeutic uses. We will also discuss the vibrational/energetic use of essential oils, ending the course with a 1h aroma-yoga class.
Throughout the course you will:
  • Complete 5 case studies
  • Study 20 in-depth essential oil profiles
  • Study 10 in-depth carrier oil profiles
  • Understand the journey of essential oil from production to application.
  • Make aroma products such as roll-ons, body scrub, aroma inhaler, face oil, massage oil, epsom bath salts, mister, etc.
  • We will end the course with a 1h aroma yoga class


  • All material for hands-on practice and case studies (including carrier/essential oils)
  • Printed textbook (>300 pages)
  • 1h aroma yoga class
  • Discounts on Black Lotus, Seshen Aromatherapy, Apothecary Egypt, Sensera Aromatherapy and Nhale brands.
  • Certificate of completion as Level 1 Aromatherapy Course accredited by NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy – U.S)
  • Continuous support through WhatsApp

Day 1:

  • Defining Aromatherapy: How is the aromatherapy field regulated? What are essential oils? Why do plants make essential oils
  • History of Aromatherapy: From Ancient Egypt to modern times.
  • Aromatherapy & Science/Research: Do essential oils work? Why science is important and where to find scientific research?
  • Essential oils & Quality: Key quality characteristics, prices and yields, various ways they can be adulterated, fragrances, organic versus wildcrafted essential oils, and “red flags” to watch out for. We will also discuss quality control and testings to look out for.
  • Carrier oils: Function, storage, quality, different types, key characteristics.

Day 2:

  • Safety guidelines: Precautions and contraindications when using essential oils.
  • Application methods for therapeutic uses: Various ways to use essential oils at home.
  • Dilution guidelines: Dilutions applicable for different applications and individuals.
  • Art of blending
  • Psychoneuroimmunology – the importance of body/mind connection and its role in Aromatherapy.
  • Common therapeutic properties of essential oils
  • Methods of extraction: Learn various ways to obtain essential oils and how it affects their quality and use.
  • Short introduction of each body system and Common pathologies with hands-on exercises on how/which essential oils can help. For instance, when looking at the integumentary system (skin), we will study how essential oils can be best used to help with cellulite, eczema, acne, or athlete’s foot: The integumentary system (skin), Essential oil for skin & hair

Day 3:

  • Methods of absorption.: How do essential oils travel through the body carrying their medicinal properties? Learn about the importance of the limbic system and the olfactory epithelium.
  • Short introduction of each body system and Common pathologies with hands-on exercises on how/which essential oils can help: The skeletal system, The muscular system, The circulatory system, The lymphatic/immune systems

Day 4:

  • Short introduction of each body system and Common pathologies with hands-on exercises on how/which essential oils can help: The nervous system & Essential oils for emotional health – The respiratory system – The digestive system – Short introduction of the urinary, endocrine (hormonal), reproductive systems
  • Sustainability & Endangered species
  • Aromatherapy and careers
  • Aromatherapy & pets

Day 5:

  • Vibrational aromatherapy – the energetic use of essential oils.
  • Final test
  • 1h aroma yoga class

Accredited by NAHA – What does this mean?

NAHA is the largest association of Aromatherapists in the U.S. and is well known all around the world. Aromatherapy Institute in Egypt’s curriculum has been evaluated and approved meeting NAHA standards and curriculum. This allows graduates to become a NAHA members as “Certified Level 1 Aromatherapist” upon completion of the course by submitting their certificate.

DATE: Every Saturday starting Nov 4 – Dec 2

TIME: 10AM – 4PM

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