Intensive Life-Time Program

Intensive Life-Time Program

Date: 3/4/2023 - 5/27/2023

General & Bio-Individual Nutrition Understanding

◇ A Practical Journey of Healthy Eating according to one’s own bio-individuality, current health conditions & lifestyle
◇ Healthy Weight Loss or weight balance according to the understanding and guidelines practiced

◇ A guided healthy and sustainable Detox phase

◇ A smart strategic Vitamins & food supplementation plan specified for the individual needs, along with the understanding needed for optional further use.

◇ Stress Management protocols, core efficient Meditation and mindfulness practice

◇ Bio-individual Physical practice recommendations

◇ Environmental Health Awareness & Solutions

◇ A Practical Applied program for further Life Support


● Program Fee:

In Total: 8,700 EGP
(Optional method of Payment can be in 2 installments: 5,000 on Session 1 + 3,700 on Session 4)

The first introductory (Heath History) group session fee is 1,000 Le.
The cost of this session is included in the Total program fee, if you decide that the program is a fit.


● Program Schedule:

You can choose between Saturday classes and Tuesday Classes:
(But Not both)

– Option 1 (Saturday Sessions)
March 4th (11am -4)
March 18th, (11 -6)
April 1st, (11 -4)
April 15th (11-3)
April 29th, (11-4)
May 13th, (11-3)
May 27th, (11-4)


– Option 2 (Tuesday Sessions)
March 7th, (11am -4)
March 21st, (11-6)
April 4th, (11-4)
April 18th, (11-3)
May 2nd, (11-4)
May 16th, (11-3)
May 30th, (11-4)

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