Expressive Art Therapy

Expressive Art Therapy

Date: 2/25/2023
A gathering for your Inner child, ready for some fun?
An invitation to a 4 hours expressive art therapy workshop.

A safe circle that allows for sharing, support, and the feeling of safety within a non-judgmental environment. We will share stories, make art, paint, dance, laugh, and maybe even cry together. We will connect with our beautiful bodies and with each other.

In this workshop, we will have a chance to pause, take time for ourselves and create clarity, and set intentions for the life we desire. Let’s bring out that inner-child that has forgotten how to play. Let’s help create a safe space for each other when it is most needed.What is Expressive Art Therapy?
As we grow up and go through life, we move further and further away from our true and primal selves. One of the first ways we discovered the world around us as children were simple: PLAY!

Expressive Art Therapy (EXA) takes you into a playful creative process of self-discovery, emotional growth, and healing. This spontaneous intermodal approach uses different kinds of arts such as painting, dance, music, drama, poetry, and many others to help develop new narratives about one’s self and identity.

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